POKKET: Crypto Market Update (April 25)

Bitcoin hangs around $50k level and looks unchanged, while ETH is -5% to trade $2185. Movers are BRD +15%, COMP -15%, BQX -12%, STORJ -10% in Pokket listed tokens.

Environmentalists continue to make hits on Bitcoin, with even XRP’s Chris Larsen chiming in saying BTC must move away from PoW to remain top dog.

FTX was met with a mild DDoS attack yesterday, which some speculated was conducted by environmentalists.

Lots of late news this morning; Turkey’s central bank governor says crypto regulation is coming within two weeks; SKorea’s top financial regulator suggests all crypto exchanges could be shut down; NYSE has filed to list shares of Valkyrie’s Bitcoin ETF. Elon Musk is to host SNL, which he may take the opportunity to drop in DOGE somehow.

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