POKKET: Crypto Market Update (April 24)

Bitcoin managed to climb back to $50k after having dipped all the way to $47500 yesterday. ETH is +5%, trading $2300. Movers are COMP +23%, STORJ +21%, COMP +19%, DODO -15%, SRM GTO APPC PNT -13%, 1INCH SXP -11% in Pokket listed tokens.

Nassim Taleb took the opportunity to call Bitcoin a ‘ponzi’ and ‘gimmick’ on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

The fourth Ethereum ETF in Canada listed yesterday, making a grand total of eight crypto ETFs in North America. SEC has started the vetting process on the third Bitcoin application from Kryptoin Investment Advisors.

$COIN is down 32% after a full week of trading, closing at $293 vs. $429 on listing day; many were criticising the company for listing USDT yesterday.

DeFi TVL is at a healthy $55.4B.

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