POKKET: Crypto Market Update (April 22)

Bitcoin price is down -5.2% to $53000 while ETH is up +2.6% to $2365. Movers are GTO +29%, OGN +16%, ANT OAX +11%, UMA AKRO -11% in Pokket listed tokens.

The US Congress has just made a step forward towards making crypto regulation more clear, as the Eliminate Barriers to Innovation Act passed through the House. This act would “direct the CFTC and SEC to jointly establish a digital asset working group”, along with other academics and FinTech to establish clear rules over the course of a one year review. Firms are gearing up, as Binance US has appointed former Comptroller of the Currency to serve as CEO from May 1. Binance is also under scrutiny for the TSLA tokens launch and the marketing campaign in Hong Kong without a securities license.

Bitcoin transaction fee has hit an ATH of $60 as the network is busy with new firms entering the space (Venmo, Robinhood, etc.); to give context, the peak during the 2017 bull run was $55.

MKR +18% price passed $4k for the first time as MakerDAO brings real estate to DeFi.

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