POKKET-Chaion Partnership Announcement

Today, we are more than thrilled to announce the establishment of strategic partnership between POKKET and Chaion starting October 2019. POKKET has always been meticulous in its choice of partners, and we believe the blockchain technology is the next big game changer. Our mutual belief and passion for blockchain has finally brought POKKET and Chaion together.

Makkii, the digital wallet introduced by Chaion, is the first personal digital asset management application to include the cryptocurrency deposit service offered by POKKET. As an emerging personal digital asset management application that has garnered critical acclaim in the field of cryptocurrency wallets, Makkii is particularly popular among users for its user-centered and highly secure service. In the future, Makkii Wallet will make it easier for users to better arrange their personal digital assets, and users will be able to take advantage of top tier security of both Makkii and POKKET.

Quote from POKKET:

“It’s our great privilege to partner with Chaion. In order for cryptocurrency to become adopted mainstream, many services that are available in fiat currencies must also be provided to everyone in cryptocurrency space, including digital asset management and cryptocurrency deposit services. Our partnership brings these two fundamental services together, with POKKET offering secure and interest earning crypto deposit service, and Chaion offering secure and convenient crypto asset management service. The future of cryptocurrency development is stronger with our partnership, who share the same passion for blockchain.”

Quote from Chaion:

“We are very honored to work with POKKET to provide quality products and services to the community. Makkii is an important product introduced by Chaion in anticipation of the token economy age. We will further pursue unparalleled security and scalability while remaining 100% open source. POKKET will be an extremely important partner of Chaion and will provide the essential derivatives in the ecosystem envisioned by us. We look forward to a smooth cooperation.”


POKKET is a cryptocurrency fixed deposit service using TUSD as collateral. With over 30 popular tokens to deposit, POKKET clients enjoy steady returns on a weekly basis. For every fixed deposit made, POKKET holds 110% of the value in TUSD in a separate cold wallet. As a result, the fully collateralized POKKET funds boast maximum security and stable interest income.

POKKET.com was founded in 2018 with an eye to revolutionize the way to deposit crypto. The founding team consists of world-class professionals in finance, software and web development, hailing from the likes of Citigroup, GE, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft and Nomura. Experience guarantees expertise. We are passionately committed to benefiting all our clients with a low-risk platform. The blockchain industry has its wax and wane, the tide of cryptocurrencies has its ebb and flow. It is our ambition to build a safe haven for investors amid all the fluctuations of the market.

You can learn more at POKKET or follow our official twitter

About Makkii:

Makkii is a blockchain-based mobile app that supports 5 leading cryptocurrencies and hundreds of ERC 20 tokens. It boasts top-level data encryption measures to ensure the safe storage of digital assets of users, and also supports real-time query to allow speedy transfer of assets. In addition to the private key, Makkii Wallet also adopts multi-signature technology to secure users’ digital assets. Users can choose to either perform fingerprint recognition or enter a numeric password to access the wallet. Chaion has an industry-leading product development team dedicated to providing a secure, distributed and scalable blockchain solution. You can find more information at https://www.chaion.net/ or follow WeChat public account: ChaionTechno. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can also add customer service WeChat: ChaionSH. We’re open to any suggestions.