How to keep your account secure in cryptocurrency transactions?

1. Do not use SMS authentication

Nowadays, mobile phone cloning isn’t just a technology you see in movies. Some criminals can easily transfer every call or text message to a new device by buying a blank phone card to copy your phone number. This allows them to completely bypass SMS authentication on some sites and gain control of your account. POKKET abandons traditional SMS authentication mode and protects your account completely through email and 2FA. Even if you lose your phone, you can regain control of your account as long as you have the mnemonic word.

2. 2FA

2FA — Two-factor authentication. Different from traditional static password, 2FA is a set of dynamic passwords that are refreshed every 60 seconds based on natural variables such as time, historical length, physical objects (credit card, SMS mobile phone, token, fingerprint) and encryption algorithm, which is difficult to obtain and crack. This advantage makes it almost impossible for hackers and phishing sites. POKKET fully supports 2FA to maximize account security when clients access the network remotely.

3. Cold wallet

In the recent Binance currency theft case, hackers took advantage of the networking feature of “hot wallet” to commit the theft. Without a doubt, the safest way to store cryptocurrency is through hardware wallet. “Cold wallet”, the hardware wallet, never lets private keys online, completely blocking hackers’ invasion channels. In addition, “cold wallet” also comes with multiple passwords protection. You don’t have to worry about assets being stolen even if you lose it. POKKET adopts cold wallet technology to store two private keys offline and at different locations, ensuring the security of assets in extreme cases with at least one backup.

4. Keep a low profile

Within the cryptocurrency circle, there is an unfortunate cycle. When someone or a website flaunts high returns on cryptocurrency assets, it is hacked and causes loss. Continuously proving high returns is to tell hackers to “Come and find information security loopholes.” POKKET is a perfect example of low key, from website design to product logic. All investments are backed by 110% TUSD as collateral. We provide more of a defensive tool for our clients than simply profiteering.

5. Anonymity

The success of cryptocurrency completely benefits from the sense of security brought by anonymity. In order to protect the security of personal information, the receipt and transfer addresses are all encrypted. If your receipt address is casually made public, all transactions related to this address will be tied to your personal information. POKKET upholds the most basic principle of cryptocurrency and fully respects every user’s transaction privacy.

6. Personal information security

Try not to share too much personal information on social media, whether in pictures or texts. Because hackers can use every clue you provide (including but not limited to birthday, birthplace, email address, personal hobbies, and etc.) to break your encryption. POKKET addresses this issue in the simplest way by making the registration process as simple as possible. We promise never to collect any personal information other than your email address, leaving hackers no place to start.

7. Multiple email addresses

We advise investors to avoid using the same email address on social media and investment accounts. Two of the most popular social software at present: Twitter doesn’t mandate 2FA and by default doesn’t require you to enter password every time you log in. If you don’t lock down your work computer or log out, your personal information might be accessed by others; Facebook directly shares and sells private user information to third parties, possibly including your email address and many other sensitive information. That’s why compartmenting your emails by importance can reduce hacker’s touch points. POKKET recommends that users register our account with a separate email address, which is used exclusively.

8. Bookmarking

Phishing sites is a method that is at the lowest level but also with the highest success rate in a hacker attack, using highly impersonated websites to steal users’ passwords. Identifying phishing sites by details is nothing else but a game of “Find the difference”. Bookmarking is recognized as the easiest way to deal with phishing sites. Opening website from bookmark every time gives phishing sites no place to hide.

9. VPN

POKKET never encourages users to make transactions in unreliable environments, such as the WIFI services provided by Starbucks, APPLE and other large public places. Of course, we know that cryptocurrency market can change rapidly, and you can use VPN to hide your IP address when you need to trade over public WIFI. For the sake of the clients, POKKET has removed tedious certification process so that all transactions can be completed in 30 seconds, minimizing the amount of time users spend on public network.

10. Antivirus software and firewall

The most traditional and effective way to avoid malware on your computer is to install good antivirus software. And firewall protects you from abnormal computer connections, that is, those trying to take control of your computer from the outside (hackers). POKKET’s technical team came of international groups such as Microsoft and JP Morgan, and we have the ability and confidence to be the strongest firewall for our users.

In the digital world, we still have to be as careful as we are in the real world, practicing safe digital behaviors. Behind the screen, there are far more hackers, malware and even artificial intelligence than you might think. POKKET wishes to build a secure trading environment for all users!

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