POKKET: Today’s Crypto Market Commentary (March 30)

Bitcoin & ETH are +3~4% on the back of Visa news, trading $57500 & $1800. Movers are WABI +29%, OGN +27%, HOT +26%, DENT +21%, PNT +17%, most others are up outside of ADX AKRO MANA -8% in Pokket universe.

Visa has settled its first USDC transaction on Ethereum, and is finally planning to introduce it to partners later this year.

Uniswap volumes jumped from $1B to $7B in the past 24hrs thanks to the new DELTA layer, which is an options AMM. DeFi TVL ticks up to $42.4B.

Turkish President Erdogan calls on citizens to convert their FX and gold holdings into lira, which has dropped 12% in a WEEK after he fired the central bank governor. Naturally, internet search for Bitcoin has spiked in the country.

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