POKKET: Today’s Crypto Market Commentary (April 9)

Bitcoin is +3.8% to $58300 while ETH is back over $2k, +5.9% to $2090. Movers are GTO +37%, ENJ +22%, OCEAN +18%, POLY SNM +16%, with the rest of the Pokket listed tokens are up.

Robinhood says 9.5M people traded crypto on its app in Q1. Coinbase has joined the DeFi Alliance, an open association supporting DeFi startups. Crypto wallet maker Ledger is now facing a lawsuit over the data breach last year which they’ve tried to sweep under the rug.

Crypto mom, SEC’s Hester Peirce, said a government ban on Bitcoin is ‘foolish’ at a virtual panel discussion.

Christie’s is going to auction off nine CryptoPunk NFTs.

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