POKKET: Today’s Crypto Market Commentary (April 8)

Bitcoin is -3% to $56300, ETH is -6% to $1990, going back and forth the $2k level. Movers are OGN +25%, ENJ +17%, OMG +16%, AKRO +15%, POLY -18%, OAX SNM -16%, POWR DENT -13% in Pokket listed tokens.

Not that anyone in crypto cares, but Jamie Dimon is spreading FUD again by writing Bitcoin regulation is a ‘serious emerging issue’, as if it wasn’t obvious already.

Sotheby’s is joining the NFT party following Christies, holding an auction for digital artist Pak. Playboy will release crypto artwork collectibles through Nifty Gateway. Tom Brady is launching his own NFT platform called Autograph, while Topps is taking NFT to Wall Street through a SPAC merger.

DeFi TVL dipped overnight after making ATH, now at $48.3B.

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