POKKET: Today’s Crypto Market Commentary (April 7)

Bitcoin is -1% to trade $58k while ETH is up +1.5% to $2115. Movers are DLT SNM WABI +15%, OMG +12%, IOST BNB +11%, YFI +10%, HOT -15%, DENT -12%, GTO -10% in Pokket listed tokens.

Coinbase posts a blowout Q1 profit of $800M days before the big IPO.

Goldman’s CEO, DJ Solomon, has said he thinks the crypto world will soon experience a “big evolution” in regulation, especially in the US.

Arthur Hayes flew to Hawaii to turn himself in before being released on $10M bail as part of a pre-arranged deal with US prosecutors.

Ripple has won a discovery ruling which requires the SEC to hand over internal documents about Bitcoin and Ethereum; XRP is +17% to $1.07, levels not seen since March 2018.

DeFi TVL is above $50B for the first time ever, now $51.8B.

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