POKKET: Today’s Crypto Market Commentary (April 5)

Bitcoin is +2% to $58150 while ETH is a bit more enthusiastic +3.5% to $2075. Movers are NMR +29%, SXP +25%, OXT +23%, HOT +21%, GTO +20%, and the rest of the Pokket listed tokens are up.

The largest raise for a DeFi project, Fei Labs, launched over the weekend and caused one of the largest rekts for retail investors; the decentralised stablecoin protocol penalises for selling the further the token trades above $1, and as a result trades below par now.

The DeFi hedge fund DAO, FORCE, was attacked and lost almost 80% of value after a well-known Solidity vulnerability made it into the contract.

Compound TVL is now at $15B, in part helped by the whale late last week. Total DeFi TVL is at $50B now.

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