POKKET: Today’s Crypto Market Commentary (April 17)

POKKET: Today’s Crypto Market Commentary (March 10)

Crazy week in crypto wraps up with Bitcoin price at $61200 and ETH flat to $2445. Movers are CHZ +46%, RSR +17%, SXP RLC +11%, YFI +10%, GTO -11%, DODO -10% in Pokket listed tokens.

Robinhood and Coinbase were the two most downloaded apps this week, with demand for DOGE skyrocketing and attention on ETH 2.0 + BTC new ATH dominated. Coinbase is now allowing ETH 2.0 staking and users can earn rewards.

Binance burned 1M BNB tokens, about $600M in its 15th quarterly burn, its highest rate yet.

Edward Snowden’s NFT sold for $5.4M in Ethereum, an artwork titled “Stay Free”.

The amount of USDT on Tron has surpassed USDT on Ethereum for the first time.

DeFi TVL still flirting with $60B mark, as it sits at $59B.

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