POKKET: Today’s Crypto Market Commentary (April 1)

Bitcoin & ETH are slightly up, but look unchanged after yesterday’s flash crash in the afternoon; now trading $59150 & $1930. Movers are BAND CND +18%, BRD +14%, PNT +13%, OMG +12%, AKRO +11%, HOT -13% in Pokket listed tokens.

BlackRock has been stealthily trading Bitcoin futures, albeit super small amount of $360K, after hinting back in January it may do so in an SEC filing.

Tether released an attestation claiming the stablecoin is backed by $35B in assets and a statement from Moore Cayman, an accounting firm most aren’t familiar with.

Christine Lagarde told Bloomberg a decision for a digital euro would be made in coming months, but implementation could take at least four years.

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