POKKET: Crypto Market Update (April 27)

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Crypto markets are rebounding, with Bitcoin price +10% to $54k and ETH +11% to $2525. Movers are DOCK +37%, DENT +35%, MATIC +29%, WABI +27%, AKRO RLC +23%, HOT +22%, and the rest of Pokket listed names follow up.

Tesla announced it sold some of its Bitcoin to make a $101M profit so Elon could make the quarter; cryptwit promptly called him paperhands. Musk responded by saying he didn’t sell any of his own BTC holdings, only Tesla sold 10% of its holdings to prove it can be an alternative to cash.

JPMorgan is quietly going to roll out an actively managed Bitcoin fund for its private welath clients as soon as this summer.

NFL player Sean Culkin is going to convert his entire salary to Bitcoin.

The Korean watchdog FSC has ordered its officials dealing with crypto to file reports on their own crypto investments in a move seen to start tightening regulation in the country.

DeFi TVL ticks up to $59.6B, amidst Aave starting a three-month yield farming program.

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